US Hwy 36 Flood Damage

On my way up to the Park for my hike last Friday, I mounted the camera on the car and shot footage from Lyons to the trailhead. With other subject matter, I’d say I put together a highlight reel, but there aren’t really any highlights here so let’s just say I threw together a montage.

It weighs in at over twelve minutes, so if you’re not familiar with the road you probably won’t be interested. In any event, you should watch the video full-screen. With the camera’s very wide angle, everything looks very far away. Also, aside from debris on the right side of the road in the first sequence, all the damage is on the left side so you’ll want to focus there.

Finally, I added a soundtrack. The sound from the camera is mostly wind noise and is fairly annoying. If you feel music isn’t appropriate, just turn your speakers down.

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