Roller Coasters

I don’t ride coasters as often as I used to, and I don’t stay as up-to-date about which coasters are still in operation, so some defunct coasters may not be noted as such.

Ride Park Wood/Steel Notes
Alpengeist Busch Gardens Williamsburg Steel
Apollo’s Chariot Busch Gardens Williamsburg Steel
Big Bad Wolf Busch Gardens Williamsburg Steel
Loch Ness Monster Busch Gardens Williamsburg Steel
Blue Streak Cedar Point Steel
Cedar Creek Mine Ride Cedar Point Wood
Corkscrew Cedar Point Steel
Disaster Transport Cedar Point Steel
Gemini Cedar Point Wood
Iron Dragon Cedar Point Steel
Magnum XL 200 Cedar Point Steel
Mantis Cedar Point Steel
Mean Streak Cedar Point Steel
Millenium Force Cedar Point Steel
Raptor Cedar Point Steel
Wicked Twister Cedar Point Steel
Wildcat Cedar Point Steel
The Twister Elitch Gardens Wood Defunct
Wildcat Elitch Gardens Wood Defunct
Boomerang Knott’s Berry Farm Steel
Ghost Rider Knott’s Berry Farm Wood
Jaguar Knott’s Berry Farm Steel
Montezuma’s Revenge Knott’s Berry Farm Steel
Xcelerator Knott’s Berry Farm Steel
NYNY Las Vegas Steel
Stratosphere Las Vegas Steel
TECHNIC Test Track Legloand Steel
The Dragon Legloand Steel
Batman the Ride Six Flags Over Texas Steel
Flashback Six Flags Over Texas Steel
Mr. Freeze Six Flags Over Texas Steel
Shock Wave Six Flags Over Texas Steel
Texas Giant Six Flags Over Texas Wood
Titan Six Flags Over Texas Steel
Twister II Elitch’s Six Flags Wood
Mind Eraser Elitch’s Six Flags Steel
Sidewinder Elitch’s Six Flags Steel
Flying Coaster Elitch’s Six Flags Steel
Boomerang Elitch’s Six Flags Steel