Race Tracks

Until a few years ago, I never thought I’d be able to drive a car on a race track. That all changed when I joined the local Lotus owners’ club. It doesn’t even require a sports car to do. My first track day was almost a year before I bought the Lotus. The club announced a track day and I asked if they’d laugh if I took the Chrysler. Since then, I’ve tried to do four or five track days each year. I’m really hooked now and am trying to find ways to visit new tracks. So here’s the list of tracks I’ve managed to drive on.
Last updated June 19, 2017

Track Recent blog post
Colorado State Patrol Training Facility August 24, 2013 Track Map
High Plains Raceway June 29, 2014 Track Map
Oregon Raceway Park August 31, 2014 Track Map
Portland International Raceway August 29, 2014 Track Map
Pueblo Motorsports Park May 11, 2013 Track Map
The Ridge Motorsports Park August 28, 2014 Track Map
Road America April 19, 2015 Track Map
Pikes Peak International Raceway August 24, 2015 Track Map
Thunderhill Raceway Park July 15, 2016 Track Map
Sonoma Raceway July 16, 2016 Track Map
Laguna Seca July 18, 2016 Track Map
Circuit of the Americas June 11, 2017 Track Map

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