I started keeping my ticket stubs after my third or fourth concert. Some time back in the 90's I entered them into an Access database. Some years later, I no longer had a valid license for Access, so I exported the data to a spreadsheet. And for no particular reason I have now put the data here on my blog.

I'm probably missing a handful of shows, and the data here isn't necessarily complete. I'm certainly missing the names of many of the opening acts and may have some dates wrong.

Last updated June 8, 2023
DateArtistLocationPriceTicket Stub
House of Freaks20 Blake
1977-07-14Tangerine DreamMacky Auditorium
1977-08-19Emerson, Lake, & PalmerMcNichols Arena
1978-08-19Electric Light OrchestraMcNichols Arena
1980-xx-xxHenry Paul BandRainbow Music HallCompStub
1980-xx-xxThe InmatesRainbow Music Hall
1980-04-06Robin TrowerParamount Theatre$8.75Stub
1980-04-24The WhoMcNichols Arena$10.45Stub
1980-04-28UFORainbow Music Hall$8.70Stub
1980-05-06Bruce CockburnRainbow Music Hall$3.20Stub
1980-05-10Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandMcNichols Arena$10.00Stub
1980-05-22Ian Hunter
Rainbow Music Hall$9.20Stub
1980-06-07The Grateful Dead
Warren Zevon
Folsom Field$12.00Stub
1980-06-09Tom PettyRed Rocks Amphitheatre$10.45Stub
1980-07-20JourneyRed Rocks Amphitheatre$9.35Stub
1980-08-30Sammy HagarRainbow Music Hall$8.20Stub
1980-09-05FoghatMcNichols Arena$9.90Stub
1981-02-01Molly HatchetMcNichols Arena$9.90Stub
1981-03-06707Rainbow Music Hall$2.45Stub
1981-03-28Charlie Daniels BandMcNichols Arena$11.00Stub
1981-04-22April Wine
DU Arena$9.00Stub
Kamikazee Klones
Rainbow Music Hall$4.20Stub
1981-05-12AmbrosiaRainbow Music Hall$8.70Stub
McNichols Arena
1981-06-10Gary U. S. BondsRainbow Music Hall$6.20Stub
1981-06-27Savoy BrownRainbow Music HallCompStub
1981-09-09The Kinks
McNichols Arena$12.10Stub
1981-09-25Peter FramptonRainbow Music Hall$9.70Stub
1981-10-03The Rolling Stones
Folsom Field$16.00Stub
1982-02-04The Police
The Go-Go's
McNichols Arena$12.10Stub
1982-02-19AC/DCMcNichols Arena$13.20Stub
1982-02-27U2Rainbow Music Hall$5.20Stub
1982-08-16John CougarRainbow Music Hall$9.20Stub
1982-10-17The Who
Jethro Tull
John Cougar Mellancamp
Folsom Field$16.00Stub
1983-03-02Tom PettyCU Events Center$11.55Stub
1983-05-24The PretendersRainbow Music Hall$11.20Stub
1983-05-25The PretendersRainbow Music Hall$11.20Stub
1983-06-05U2Red Rocks Amphitheatre
The Alarm
CU Events Center
1983-08-26Talking HeadsRed Rocks Amphitheatre$11.55Stub
1983-11-22The Police
The Fixx
McNichols Arena$14.30Stub
1984-11-10Bruce CockburnRainbow Music Hall$11.20Stub
1986-09-06The SmithereensRainbow Music Hall$5.20Stub
1987-02-07Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet BandMcNichols Arena$17.60Stub
Aztlan Theater$8.00Stub
1987-08-12David Bowie
Duran Duran
Mile High Stadium$21.45Stub
1987-10-06The SilencersBoulder's Coast$9.00Stub
1987-10-13Jean-Luc PontyMacky Auditorium$14.00Stub
McNichols Arena$18.70Stub
1988-01-15Denver Symphony Orchestra
'Blue Jeans Concert'
Boettcher Concert Hall$5.00Stub
1988-04-25Pink FloydPhoenix Municipal Stadium$23.50Stub
1988-05-02Love and Rockets
Mighty Lemon Drops
Paramount Theatre$13.50Stub
1988-05-29Thomas DolbyBoulder's Coast$13.00Stub
1988-06-15Bob DylanFiddler's Green$18.50Stub
1988-06-29Midnight Oil
House of Freaks
Rainbow Music Hall$12.00Stub
1988-08-18Peter MurphyParamount Theatre
1988-09-24The Bears
Velvet Elvis
Boulder's Coast$14.00Stub
1989-07-07Love and Rockets
The Godfathers
Red Rocks Amphitheatre$19.25Stub
1989-08-13The WhoFolsom Field$23.50Stub
1989-09-04The Cure
Love and Rockets
Fiddler's Green$20.00Stub
1990-01-24Todd RundgrenParamount Theatre$16.50Stub
1990-06-15Midnight Oil
Hunters & Collectors
Red Rocks Amphitheatre
1991-xx-xxPop Will Eat ItselfGlenn Miller Ballroom
Jane's Addiction
Siouxsie and the Banshees
Living Colour
Nine Inch Nails
Ice T & Body Count
Butthole Surfers
Rollins Band
Fiddler's Green$24.00Stub
1992-03-27Crazy 8'sBuffalo Rose$8.00Stub
1992-04-05Big Audio Dynamite II
Public Image Limited
CU Fieldhouse$16.00Stub
1992-07-25Lollapalooza '92
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Ice Cube
The Jesus and Mary Chain
Pearl Jam
Rage Against The Machine
Jim Rose Circus
Fiddler's Green$20.50Stub
1992-09-09The Moody Blues
Colorado Symphony
Red Rocks AmphitheatreStub
Mile High Stadium$30.25Stub
1993-05-10Jesus Jones
Stereo MC's
Paramount Theatre$17.50Stub
1993-06-26Lollapalooza '93
Alice in Chains
Dinosaur Jr.
Arrested Development
Front 242
Rage Against the Machine
Fiddler's Green$27.50Stub
1993-07-27Peter GabrielMcNichols Arena$24.75Stub
1993-09-21Midnight Oil
Hothouse Flowers
CU Fieldhouse$18.25Stub
1994-08-08Stone Temple Pilots
Meat Puppets
Red Rocks Amphitheatre$19.25Stub
1994-08-20Spin Doctors
Gin Blossoms
Red Rocks Amphitheatre$24.20Stub
1994-12-08Joe JacksonParamount Theatre$21.50Stub
1995-06-18King CrimsonOgden Theatre$25.00Stub
1995-08-25Rite of Strings
Stanley Clarke
Jean-Luc Ponty
Al DiMeola
Paramount Theatre$25.75Stub
1995-10-27King Crimson
California Guitar Trio
Paramount Theatre$28.50Stub
1996-11-09Colorado Symphony
'Bravo Broadway'
Boettcher Concert Hall$18.71Stub
1997-03-01California Guitar TrioAcoma Center
1997-04-19No Doubt
Desert Sky Pavilion$26.65Stub
1997-04-25dadaElectric Ballroom$14.15Stub
1999-01-11California Guitar TrioBorders Book Store (Mesa)Free
2000-02-06California Guitar TrioThe Rhythm Room
2000-06-19Tony Levin BandAlice Cooper'sTown$24.30Stub
2001-09-13CakeCelebrity Theatre$29.75Stub
2001-10-14Midnight OilCelebrity Theatre$25.75Stub
2001-11-16King Crimson
John Paul Jones Orchestra
Web Theatre$50.65Stub
2002-04-11Tony Levin BandThe Rhythm Room$26.30Stub
2003-05-28Mike WattHollywood Alley$13.00Stub
2003-09-24Steely DanDodge TheatreStub
2003-09-26White Stripes
Soledad Brothers
Mesa Amphitheatre$29.50Stub
2003-10-27King Crimson
Pygmy Love Circus
Orpheum Theatre$45.00Stub
2004-02-15California Guitar Trio
Tom Griesgraber
Old Brickhouse Grill$13.00
Club Congress (Congress Hotel)$15.00
2004-08-11Stan RidgewayThe Rhythm Room$10.00
2004-11-20Mike WattBig Fish Pub$14.00
Galactic Federation of Love
Old Brickhouse Grill$15.00Stub
2005-10-04Adrian BelewMartini Ranch$30.00Stub
2006-02-11BanyanThe Mint$15.00
2006-07-18Steely Dan
Michael MacDonald
Desert Sky PavilionPass
2007-10-31Willem Breuker Kollektief plays FaustPalace of Fine Arts Theatre$20.00Stub
2008-07-17Steely Dan
Joey DeFrancesco
Red Rocks AmphitheatreStub
2008-08-08BanyanCervantes Masterpiece Ballroom$15.00Stub
Unkle Bob
Regency Grand Ballroom$26.00Stub
2008-11-24CalexicoGothic Theatre$15.00Stub
2008-12-12Colorado Symphony Orchestra
Colorado Childrens Chorale
'A Colorado Christmas'
Boettcher Concert Hall$16.25Stub
2009-02-28Colorado Symphony OrchestraBoettcher Concert Hall$31.75Stub
2009-03-07California Guitar Trio
Doug Wood
Daniels Hall$21.00Stub
2010-04-28Bert Lams and Tom GriesgraberHouse Concert$15.00
2010-05-13Dave FiuczynskiBaked Potato$20.00
Passion Pit
Pepsi Center$40.00Stub
2011-05-28Bruce CockburnArvada Center$40.00Stub
2011-07-24ChicagoRed Rocks Amphitheatre$55.00Stub
2011-10-29California Guitar Trio
Fareed Haque
Daniels Hall$22.00Stub
2012-10-12Capitol StepsMacky Auditorium$25.20Stub
2012-12-15Canadian BrassMacky Auditorium
2013-01-17Ninety Miles ProjectMacky Auditorium$25.20Stub
2013-03-21Orpheus Chamber Orchestra w/Richard GoodeMacky Auditorium$25.20Stub
2014-11-04Adrian Belew Power TrioBoulder Theater$35.00Stub
2015-11-21Trans-Siberian OrchestraPepsi Center
2015-12-07Monday Night Band ShowcaseMiner AuditoriumFreeStub
2016-02-26California Guitar Trio
Montreal Guitar Trio
Daniels Hall$27.00Stub
2016-04-04Steve HackettBoulder Theater$59.00Stub
2016-05-04AndersonPonty BandBoulder TheaterStub
2016-11-16Anderson, Rabin, & WakemanParamount Theatre$49.50Stub
2017-02-23dadaBluebird Theater$25.00Stub
2017-03-14Adrian Belew Power TrioBoulder Theater$32.50Stub
2017-04-30California Guitar TrioChautauqua Community House$24.00Stub
2017-05-24Jean-Michel Jarre1STBANK Center$49.95Stub
2017-06-24King CrimsonBellco Theatre$60.70Stub
2018-02-16Bruce CockburnBoulder Theater$39.50Stub
2018-03-20Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
Ogden Theatre$30.00Stub
2018-05-05Steven WilsonOgden Theatre$36.50Stub
2018-08-08Jeff Lynne’s ELO
Pepsi Center$49.50Stub
2018-10-22California Guitar TrioRoberta Price Auditorium$20.00Stub
2019-02-13Richard Thompson Electric TrioBoulder Theater$45.00Stub
2019-03-21Nick Mason’s Saucerful of SecretsParamount Theatre$65.50Stub
2019-06-07Little FeatParamount Theatre$65.95Stub
2019-06-12Boz SkaggsDenver Botanical GardensCompStub
2019-08-17The Claypool Lennon Delirium
Ogden Theatre$35.00
2019-09-08King CrimsonParamount Theatre$83.45
2019-09-27Adrian BelewBoulder Theater$25.00Stub
2019-11-17Bruce CockburnBoulder Theater$45.00Stub
2021-08-02King Crimson
California Guitar Trio
Fiddler's Green$49.95Stub
2022-02-12California Guitar Trio
Montreal Guitar Trio
The Soiled Dove Underground$33.00
2022-09-24Billy CobhamGothic Theatre$29.88
2022-09-25Porcupine TreeBellco Theatre$83.15Stub
2022-10-20Nick Mason’s Saucerful of SecretsParamount Theatre$80.40
2022-10-22California Guitar TrioLone Tree Arts Center$30.00
2022-11-11Alan Parsons Live ProjectParamount Theatre$67.55
2023-02-17Jerry Harrison / Adrian BelewBoulder Theater$47.64
2023-02-28Stick MenBuffalo Rose$47.62Stub
2023-06-07King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard
Kamikaze Palm Tree
Red Rocks Amphitheatre$68.91