Miscellaneous Debris

Road Trip Rules

Rule #1: Avoid Interstate highways

Interstate highways are full of giant trucks and straight lines. Giant trucks and straight lines are to be avoided when driving. When planning a road trip, numbered state routes are the best choice. US highways are often quite good, even though they carry more truck traffic and more traffic in general. Numbered county roads probably require local knowledge.

Rule #2: No night driving

Rule #1 implies you want to see the country. It’s hard to see if it’s dark. So no night driving. In a low slung car it’s also important to see road hazards in plenty of time; certainly farther than my headlights shine.

The Robbins Color Adjacency Exclusion Rule

Cars of the same color cannot be next to each other. This applies to group drives for both road order and arranging cars for group photographs.

The 6P Principle

“Proper preparation prevents piss-poor performance.”