September Cars & Coffee, Lafayette

Always an interesting and eclectic mix of cars at the Lafayette Cars & Coffee. As usual, exotics were in abundance and hot rods and muscle cars were the exception.

This beautiful Ford GT in iconic Gulf colors caught my eye. There was also a replica of a Ford GT-40 in red.

The car that drew the most attention was the Ferrari F40. It always had a crowd around it and I couldn’t get a nice picture of it until the owner moved it from the middle of the parking lot into a single space.

In the Lotus department, I counted five Elises, two Exiges, and an Elite. There may have been a Caterham or two as well. We generally manage to line up at least two or three in a row but not today.

Today was the first time I used the SLR since having it cleaned. Wow! It’s like a brand new camera.

2 thoughts on “September Cars & Coffee, Lafayette

  1. Your blog is off to a great start – superb photos, video and writing! The mountain hike looked like a lot of fun and I bet nothing gives a thrill like a day at the track. I gotta get out there for a visit.

    Keep up the fine work!

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