Dave's Book Collection
Title Author Genre Publication Year Format  
Through Hell And High Water Bailey, Leslie W. Non-Fiction 1994 Hardcover Details
Ancestral Hungers Baker, Scott Fiction 1995 Hardcover Details
The Past Has Another Pattern: Memoirs Ball, George W. Biography; Non-Fiction 1982 Hardcover Details
Hello America Ballard, J. G. Fiction 1988 Hardcover Details
The Kindness of Women Ballard, J. G. Fiction 1991 Hardcover Details
War Fever Ballard, J. G. Fiction 1991 Hardcover Details
The Best Short Stories of J. G. Ballard Ballard, J. G. Fiction 2001 Softcover Details
Griffin & Sabine: An Extraordinary Correspondence Bantock, Nick Fiction 1991 Hardcover Details
Sabine's Notebook: In Wich the Extraordinary Correspondence of Griffin & Sabine Concludes Bantock, Nick Fiction 1992 Hardcover Details
The Golden Mean: In Which the Extraordinary Correspondence of Griffin & Sabine Concludes Bantock, Nick Fiction 1994 Hardcover Details
The Gryphon: In Which the Extraordinary Correspondence of Griffin & Sabine Is Rediscovered Bantock, Nick Fiction 2001 Hardcover Details
Rutherford B. Hayes Barnard, Harry Biography; Non-Fiction 1954 Hardcover Details
The Who: Maximum R & B Barnes, Richard Non-Fiction 1982 Paperback Details
The Hamster Handbook Bartlett, Patricia Non-Fiction 2003 Softcover Details
Voices from Stalingrad Bastable, Jonathan Non-Fiction 2006 Hardcover Details
The Marshall Cavendish Illustrated Encyclopedia of World War II Bauer, Eddy; Collins, James L. Non-Fiction 1972 Hardcover Details
The Spirit of the Guard Bauer, Richard E. Non-Fiction 1981 Softcover Details
Submarine Beach, Edward L. Non-Fiction 2004 Hardcover Details
Mechanics for Engineers Beer, Ferdinand Pierre Textbook 1976 Hardcover Details
Stalingrad Beevor, Antony; Cooper, Artemis Non-Fiction 1998 Hardcover Details
John Quincy Adams and the Foundations of American Foreign Policy Bemis, Samuel Flagg Biography; Non-Fiction 1949 Hardcover Details
John Quincy Adams and the Union Bemis, Samuel Flagg Biography; Non-Fiction 1965 Hardcover Details
Hitler Victorious Benford, Gregory; Greenberg, Martin H. Fiction 1986 Hardcover Details
Where The Waters Divide Berger, Karen; Smith, Daniel R. Non-Fiction 1993 Hardcover Details
The Demolished Man Bester, Alfred Fiction 1953 Hardcover Details
Starlight Bester, Alfred Fiction 1976 Hardcover Details
In Deadly Combat Bidermann, Gottlob Herbert Non-Fiction 2000 Hardcover Details
The Battle of Alamein Bierman, John; Smith, Colin Non-Fiction 2002 Hardcover Details
Tara Road Binchy, Maeve Fiction 1998 Hardcover Details
Rangers in World War II Black, Robert W. Non-Fiction 1992 Hardcover Details
Hitler's U-Boat War Blair, Clay Non-Fiction 1996 Hardcover Details
Hitler's U-Boat War Blair, Clay Non-Fiction 1998 Hardcover Details
Stormtrooper on the Eastern Front Blosfelds, Mintauts Non-Fiction 2008 Hardcover Details
Bloody River Blumenson, Martin Non-Fiction 1970 Hardcover Details
Soviet War Machine Bonds, Ray Non-Fiction 1976 Hardcover Details
The Discoverers Boorstin, Daniel J. Non-Fiction 1983 Hardcover Details
A Climbing Guide to Colorado's Fourteeners Borneman, Walter R.; Lampert, Lyndon J. Non-Fiction 1978 Softcover Details
Wave Me Goodbye Boston, Anne Anthology; Fiction 1989 Hardcover Details
They Called It "Purple Heart Valley" Bourke-White, Margaret Non-Fiction 1944 Hardcover Details
Nazi Gold Bower, Tom Non-Fiction 1997 Hardcover Details
Early American Car Advertisements Bowers, Q. David Non-Fiction 1966 Hardcover Details
Beach Red Bowman, Peter Fiction 1945 Hardcover Details
Baa Baa Black Sheep Boyington, Pappy Non-Fiction 1958 Hardcover Details
Flyboys Bradley, James Non-Fiction 2003 Hardcover Details
The Imperial Cruise Bradley, James Non-Fiction 2009 Hardcover Details
The China Mirage Bradley, James Non-Fiction 2015 Hardcover Details
Flags of Our Fathers Bradley, James; Powers, Ron Non-Fiction 2000 Hardcover Details
A General's Life Bradley, Omar N.; Blair, Clay Biography; Non-Fiction 1983 Hardcover Details
Brando: Songs My Mother Taught Me Brando, Marlon; Lindsey, Robert Biography; Non-Fiction 1994 Hardcover Details
Bloom County Babylon Breathed, Berke Fiction 1991 Softcover Details
Miracle on Cherry Creek Brenneman, Bill Non-Fiction 1973 Paperback Details
Inside the Stalin Archives Brent, Jonathan Non-Fiction 2008 Hardcover Details
The Transparent Society Brin, David Non-Fiction 1998 Hardcover Details
Existence Brin, David Fiction 2012 Hardcover Details
The Ascent of Man Bronowski, Jacob Non-Fiction 1974 Softcover Details
The War North of Rome Brooks, Thomas R. Non-Fiction 2002 Hardcover Details
I'm Just Here for the Food Brown, Alton Non-Fiction 2002 Hardcover Details
Bodyguard of Lies Brown, Anthony Cave Non-Fiction 1975 Hardcover Details
Suez to Singapore Brown, Cecil Non-Fiction 1942 Hardcover Details
Bill Bruford Bruford, Bill Biography; Non-Fiction 2009 Softcover Details
The Panic of 1907 Bruner, Robert F.; Carr, Sean D. Non-Fiction 2007 Hardcover Details
Europe And the French Imperium, 1799-1814 Bruun, Geoffrey Non-Fiction 1938 Hardcover Details
The Turn of the Tide Bryant, Arthur Non-Fiction 1957 Hardcover Details
Tucker's Last Stand Buckley, William F. Fiction 1990 Hardcover Details
Nuremberg: The Reckoning Buckley, William F. Fiction 2002 Hardcover Details
The Harper Dictionary of Modern Thought Bullock, Alan; Trombley, Stephen; Stallybrass, Oliver Reference 1988 Hardcover Details
On Active Service Bundy, McGeorge; Stimson, Henry L. Biography; Non-Fiction 1948 Hardcover Details
Enderby Burgess, Anthony Fiction 1968 Hardcover Details
Any Old Iron Burgess, Anthony Fiction 1989 Hardcover Details
A Dead Man in Deptford Burgess, Anthony Fiction 1995 Hardcover Details
Islands of the Damned Burgin, R.V.; Marvel, Bill Non-Fiction 2010 Hardcover Details
Connections Burke, James Non-Fiction 1978 Softcover Details
The Day the Universe Changed Burke, James Non-Fiction 1985 Hardcover Details

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