Dave's Book Collection
Title Author Genre Publication Year Format  
Flowers, Their Language, Poetry, And Sentiment Fiction 1870 Hardcover Details
Manual of Physical Training Non-Fiction 1914 Hardcover Details
Signal Book, United States Army Non-Fiction 1916 Softcover Details
To Bizerte with the II Corps, 23 April 1943-13 May 1943 Non-Fiction 1943 Softcover Details
The Bluejackets' Manual 1944 Non-Fiction 1944 Hardcover Details
From the Volturno to the Winter Line Non-Fiction 1944 Softcover Details
Salerno Non-Fiction 1944 Softcover Details
Fifth Army at the Winter Line Non-Fiction 1945 Softcover Details
Life's Picture History of World War II Non-Fiction 1950 Hardcover Details
Rogets International Thesaurus 1962 Reference 1962 Hardcover Details
Berlitz Russian for Travellers Reference 1973 Paperback Details
We, the People: The Story of the United States Capitol Non-Fiction 1976 Hardcover Details
Hammond Ambassador World Atlas Reference 1988 Hardcover Details
The Times Atlas of World History Reference 1989 Hardcover Details
The Builders: Marvels of Engineering Non-Fiction 1992 Hardcover Details
Restless Earth Non-Fiction 1997 Hardcover Details
Wall Street Journal Almanac 1998 Reference 1997 Softcover Details

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