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Bill Bruford (2009)
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Genre Biography; Non-Fiction
Subject Bruford, Bill; Drummers (Musicians); Rock musicians
Publication Date 3/1/2009
Format Softcover (8.5 x 6.0 mm)
Publisher Jawbone Press
Once called the "godfather of progressive drumming," Bill Bruford has been at the top of his profession for four decades, playing with Yes, King Crimson, Genesis, Earthworks, and many other bands. "Bill Bruford" is a first-person account of his life in progressive rock, art rock, and modern jazz. Honest, entertaining, and eloquent, it recounts his life on the road and in the studio, rubbing shoulders and creating music with the famous, the less famous, and the infamous. A rocker with the temperament of a classical musician, who became a jazz musician, he defies all the cliches and bad jokes about drummers. At polite dinner parties, Bruford is occasionally asked what he does. After replying that he's a musician, the inevitable retort is "Yes, but what do you "really" do?" This funny, unusual, and unusually thoughtful memoir answers the question.
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LoC Classification ML419.B78 .A3 2009
Dewey 786.9166092
ISBN 9781906002237
Cover Price $19.95
No. of Pages 352
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