AndersonPonty Band - Boulder Theater - Boulder, CO (2016)
Artist AndersonPonty Band
Venue Boulder Theater
City, State/Country Boulder, CO
Recording Date 5/4/2016
Length 147:09
Genre Rock/Pop
Format Files
Packaging FLAC
Purchased ROIO
Vocals Jon Anderson
Violin Jean-Luc Ponty
Drums Rayford Griffin
Keyboards Wally Minko
Bass Keith Jones
Guitar Jamie Glaser
Track List
01 Band walk-on > Intro 02:08
02 One in the Rhythm of Hope 04:42
03 A For Aria 04:07
04 Owner of a Lonely Heart 06:18
05 Listening With Me 06:47
06 Time and a Word > 06:18
07 Let's Get Together 02:02
08 Infinate Mirage > 04:33
09 Soul Eternal 07:14
10 Jig 08:10
11 New New World 04:58
12 The Revealing Science of God (Jon's spoken intro) 02:32
13 New Country 03:06
14 Under Heaven's Door 03:29
15 Wonderous Stories 05:26
16 Long Distance Runaround 05:34
17 banter 01:12
18 Renaissance of the Sun 09:49
19 State of Independence 07:59
20 Enigmatic Ocean > 06:45
21 Drums > 07:54
22 Enigmatic Ocean (end) 01:26
23 Jon's Tribute to Chris Squire 01:13
24 And You and I 09:50
25 Bass solo > 04:20
26 Roundabout 06:27
27 applause 02:11
28 Close to the Edge (Jon's spoken lyrics) 01:01
29 I See You Messenger > Yours Is No Disgrace 04:21
30 Soon (Gates of Delirium finale) 05:17
Collector Item No
What a great show this was !! I don't get excited about new music too much these days, but this new CD and tour have been so refreshing. It was a real treat to see Jon perform again in Colorado after a 12 year absence, and Jean Luc is a master. The recording is pretty good - 13th row, just slightly right of dead center, but I probably needed to be about 5 rows closer to be in the sweet spot. The volume level of the show changes between very loud to very soft when the performers are talking. I did not try to alter the volume to accomodate for the fluctuation, the crowd volume level never changes, so it would take a lot of time, energy and patience (none of which I have) to really even it all out.

Check the sample and go see this show and/or get the CD. You will not be disappointed. BTW, I know of at least two other recorders at the show, so you may see more versions of the Boulder show up in the future. But, for now, I present whotrader's version of ....

***** 44 Khz / 16 Bit ***** (CD Version)

AndersonPonty Band
May 4, 2016 (2016-05-04)
Boulder Theater
Boulder, Colorado

Jon Anderson - Lead vocals (with various strings and percussion)
Jean Luc Ponty - Violins
Rayford Griffin - Drums
Wally Minko - Keyboards
Keith Jones - Bass, vocals
Jamie Glaser - Guitars, vocals

Set 1

01.[02:08] Band walk-on > Intro
02.[04:42] One in the Rhythm of Hope
03.[04:06] A For Aria
04.[06:17] Owner of a Lonely Heart
05.[06:46] Listening With Me
06.[06:17] Time and a Word >
07.[02:02] Let's Get Together
08.[04:32] Infinate Mirage >
09.[07:14] Soul Eternal
10.[08:09] Jig
11.[04:58] New New World

Set 2

12.[02:32] The Revealing Science of God (Jon's spoken intro)
13.[03:06] New Country
14.[03:28] Under Heaven's Door
15.[05:26] Wonderous Stories
16.[05:34] Long Distance Runaround
17.[01:12] banter
18.[09:48] Renaissance of the Sun
19.[07:59] State of Independence
20.[06:44] Enigmatic Ocean >
21.[07:54] Drums >
22.[01:25] Enigmatic Ocean (end)
23.[01:12] Jon's Tribute to Chris Squire
24.[09:49] And You and I
25.[04:19] Bass solo >
26.[06:26] Roundabout
27.[02:10] applause
28.[01:00] Close to the Edge (Jon's spoken lyrics)
29.[04:21] I See You Messenger > Yours Is No Disgrace
30.[05:17] Soon (Gates of Delirium finale)

Total 2:26:53

Lineage: Sonic Studios DSM6 > 85 cycle Bass Roll-off > Microtrack II (96/24)
Transfer: Wavelab (tracking and tweaking) > Flac (level 8) > you !


a4a91c5c6c294faf5d8ca578bba920f5 *APB 2016-05-04-44khz16b t01.flac
d4ee0b1c599041296abbb7af588125ad *APB 2016-05-04-44khz16b t02.flac
4e8522740c9adf384f5f4955f3e0a4dd *APB 2016-05-04-44khz16b t03.flac
82dfbd9b8385b9bddb1ae1f521c3a7d2 *APB 2016-05-04-44khz16b t04.flac
32c3c09aa3c53d52766dc013bca65977 *APB 2016-05-04-44khz16b t05.flac
2a537cf5eccf4e87a80f53ff08053957 *APB 2016-05-04-44khz16b t06.flac
4084d461c1dd6aa544f6b5fc1c49ffcd *APB 2016-05-04-44khz16b t07.flac
01a65703aae62dd3795f03585622b55f *APB 2016-05-04-44khz16b t08.flac
e6aa40447a3270645da443c4d358220f *APB 2016-05-04-44khz16b t09.flac
b15aeaac1fe84efdf7af97082efdb094 *APB 2016-05-04-44khz16b t10.flac
e1474e5e75dc030ac11722b90656773d *APB 2016-05-04-44khz16b t11.flac
5111f7e4f0ef058227c31a66a2ff60ad *APB 2016-05-04-44khz16b t12.flac
bb38e70fc9f59daa7b557e2938d57d79 *APB 2016-05-04-44khz16b t13.flac
9ddc7b56b3965abc518f1063455a6db9 *APB 2016-05-04-44khz16b t14.flac
83278c1f285484a5332911eb5bfcd18a *APB 2016-05-04-44khz16b t15.flac
ca77f96cfadf17e19178682a4128192d *APB 2016-05-04-44khz16b t16.flac
93831afab4532ce62d4844ad02ddd03e *APB 2016-05-04-44khz16b t17.flac
274849c5823aff88349816b364590a5d *APB 2016-05-04-44khz16b t18.flac
f3cbc9a0d59d80df3091506b633816da *APB 2016-05-04-44khz16b t19.flac
2ae0b0af78374a1863645bcb47d0314b *APB 2016-05-04-44khz16b t20.flac
2c889531986810bfd299029951a99059 *APB 2016-05-04-44khz16b t21.flac
7da3eec9b00fbb89fdc42ac72d4b94af *APB 2016-05-04-44khz16b t22.flac
f2761bd4e439870338b6ba7152dc6318 *APB 2016-05-04-44khz16b t23.flac
3d00912dd0cd84a41aeb3e04cfd48394 *APB 2016-05-04-44khz16b t24.flac
0a9fc8b51fbca2e88e48db7f12bd2fc9 *APB 2016-05-04-44khz16b t25.flac
af4c488110d1f14ec265a27581f24c27 *APB 2016-05-04-44khz16b t26.flac
82863ad6cdff9c382e8c7c6b86625b8a *APB 2016-05-04-44khz16b t27.flac
d4cec6f17513ee5301112f156e2a6849 *APB 2016-05-04-44khz16b t28.flac
daf9f03e34f5afdd6651b84885b00abf *APB 2016-05-04-44khz16b t29.flac
42f7b7abdf331e6f7de4744e77ba9a19 *APB 2016-05-04-44khz16b t30.flac

APB 2016-05-04-44khz16b t01.flac:2e4dfcdc05192f13d3a331b4238a2d36
APB 2016-05-04-44khz16b t02.flac:d5dfdcdd5480ce4f90a460326ea33821
APB 2016-05-04-44khz16b t03.flac:f04260e88e1056441b9ef88b8ffb4790
APB 2016-05-04-44khz16b t04.flac:1a23b11abc546d9cedf0a7c3fec44d81
APB 2016-05-04-44khz16b t05.flac:f672dee5a5f0d22441d7743a5e89b3dc
APB 2016-05-04-44khz16b t06.flac:31272a3ae7839f458b3ef18947ecd29e
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APB 2016-05-04-44khz16b t19.flac:f65eb017b060b7883636e92f8bb50235
APB 2016-05-04-44khz16b t20.flac:ebb0c2cf815663f40ae7957721f39a93
APB 2016-05-04-44khz16b t21.flac:ba5e4320179c11cf3768c5fbc083b933
APB 2016-05-04-44khz16b t22.flac:a80db15e306653bc217228f5a6b661cc
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APB 2016-05-04-44khz16b t29.flac:dded2a8312c32b506eb46d6fd6d1d0a5
APB 2016-05-04-44khz16b t30.flac:3487879436ca4c393ecb011a65f5f960