John Zorn; The Dreamers - Krizanke - Ljubljana, Slovenia (2009)
Artist John Zorn; The Dreamers
Venue Krizanke
City, State/Country Ljubljana, Slovenia
Recording Date 7/4/2009
Length 53:46
Genre Jazz
Format Files
Packaging FLAC
Purchased ROIO
ROIO Source Soundboard
Conductor John Zorn
Guitar Marc Ribot
Keyboards Jamie Saft
Bass Trevor Dunn
Drums Kenny Wollesen
Percussion Cyro Baptista
Drums Joey Baron
Track List
01 Uluwati 04:50
02 A Ride on Cotton Fair 05:36
03 Little Bittern 08:56
04 Forbidden Tears 03:17
05 Anulikwutsayl 09:05
06 Nekashim 04:35
07 Exodus 07:13
08 Encore: ??? 03:30
09 Miller's Crake 06:44
Collector Item No
An Evening with John Zorn
Krizanke (open air theatre)

Source: SBD

Set 2: The Dreamers

John Zorn, band leader & conductor
Marc Ribot, guitar
Jamie Saft, keyboards
Trevor Dunn, bass
Kenny Wollesen, vibraphone
Cyro Baptista, percussion
Joey Baron, drums

11. Uluwati
12. A Ride on Cotton Fair
13. Little Bittern
14. Forbidden Tears
15. Anulikwutsayl
16. Nekashim
17. Exodus
18. Encore: ???
19. Miller's Crake

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