AndersonPonty Band - Fox Theatre - Tucson, AZ (2016)
Artist AndersonPonty Band
Venue Fox Theatre
City, State/Country Tucson, AZ
Recording Date 4/28/2016
Length 144:20
Genre Rock/Pop
Format Files
Packaging FLAC
Purchased ROIO
Vocals Jon Anderson
Violin Jean-Luc Ponty
Bass Keith Jones
Drums Rayford Griffin
Keyboards Wally Minko
Guitar Jamie Glaser
Track List
01 Opening 02:51
02 06:13
03 03:44
04 Owner of the Lonely Heart 05:32
05 Listening with Me 08:10
06 Time and a Word 07:55
07 Infinite Mirage>Soul Eternal 11:22
08 Enigmatic Ocean>Drums>Enigmatic Ocean>Band Intros 16:47
09 New New World 05:16
10 Intro: Spoken Word: part of "The Revealing Science of God" 01:33
11 New Country 03:33
12 03:38
13 Wonderous Stories 05:01
14 Long Distance Runaround 05:03
15 Renaissance 09:41
16 State of Independence 08:28
17 Jig 07:00
18 And You and I 09:41
19 Bass Solo 03:29
20 Roundabout 08:10
21 We Remembering>Your's Is No Disgrace>We Remembering 06:07
22 Gates of Delerium (closing part) 05:06
Collector Item No
Jon Anderson & Jean-Luc Ponty
Fox Theatre
Tucson, AZ
April 28, 2016

Source: Core Sound Binaural Mics>Core Sound Bass Roll Off Filter>Edirol RO9 @24bit/44.1khz

1st set:
01) Opening (2:51)
02) (6:12)
03) (3:44)
04) Owner of the Lonely Heart (5:31)
05) Listening with Me (8:09)
06) Time and a Word (7:55)
07) Infinite Mirage>Soul Eternal (11:22)
08) Enigmatic Ocean>Drums>Enigmatic Ocean>Band Intros (16:46)
09) New New World (5:16)
Total: (67:46)

2nd set:
01) Intro: Spoken Word: part of "The Revealing Science of God" (1:32)
02) New Country (3:32)
03) (3:37)
04) Wonderous Stories (5:01)
05) Long Distance Runaround (5:03)
06) Renaissance (9:40)
07) State of Independence (8:27)
08) Jig (6:59)
09) And You and I (9:40)
10) Bass Solo (3:28)
11) Roundabout (8:10)
12) We Remembering>Your's Is No Disgrace>We Remembering (6:07)
13) Gates of Delerium (closing part) (5:06)
Total: (75:59)

Jon Anderson - vocals, guitar
Jean-Luc Ponty - violin
Keith Jones - bass
Rayford Griffinge - drums
Wally Minko - keys
Jamie Glaser - guitar

Lineage: Edirol RO9 USB out>Dell Inspiron 530S HD>AUDACITY to 16bit/44.1 khz>TLH>FLAC

-when I first saw the ads for this show, despite these 2 musicians being 2 of my all time favorites, I thought it was an odd pairing, but my curiosity was
peaked, so I was determined to go & be open minded about it. Well, I'm glad I did! Very interesting and engaging show - even better on 2nd listen & that's
always a confirmation of something that'll grow on you in its brilliance over time - think that's where this one is headed. If it wasn't one of Jon's solo
or Yes tunes, then he wrote lyrics to some of Jean-Luc's classics & it works! Of course the lyrics are Jon's continued idealistic interest in the spiritual
part of us and hope for humanity to get our act together, so on new age side so to speak (I'm fine with all that personally). Definitely a prog rock show,
not a jazz fusion show, though a couple of Jean-Luc's tunes are without any vocals from Jon.
-the band was incredible: all 4 of the musicians just top notch! And as for Jean-Luc: check out the solo he takes in "And You and I" - just mesmerizing -
literally froze the crowd in entrancement. The drum & bass solos are great too. Jon's voice was great as ever and he talked to the crowd frequently between
-I was a little to right of soundboard in center on floor. Once again very happy with the results with the Cores - real nice recording - turn it up & it's
like being there!
-Place was maybe 60% full - mainly us older folks, but a good amount of ladies too, not just the guys. Break was 20 minutes or so.
-this may have been 1st show of tour - did notice setlist is different in sequence with other shows & some different tunes too, so they're mixing it up night
to night it seems - that's great imo!
-another Sonoran Desert Recording taped, mastered and seeded by Matt23.
-do not sell in any form ever! Share freely! Support the artists: buy their music/see their shows!