Aka Moon - Dimajazz Jazz Festival - Constantine, Algeria (2005)
Artist Aka Moon
Venue Dimajazz Jazz Festival
City, State/Country Constantine, Algeria
Recording Date 5/19/2005
Length 80:59
Genre Jazz
Format Files
Packaging FLAC
Purchased ROIO
Saxophone Fabrizio Cassol
Bass Michel Hatzigeorgiou
Drums Stéphane Galland
Guitar David Gilmore
Track List
01 Introduction 04:15
02 Ursula and The Wind Dance 05:15
03 Last Call From Jaco 09:16
04 Amazir 08:01
05 From Influence To Innocence 06:13
06 La Luce Di Paco Act 3 07:31
07 Men's Dance 09:51
08 Sara 04:48
09 Jimi's Three Words 10:28
10 Cuban Study no 1 06:43
11 Scofield 08:38
Collector Item No
There are a thousand and one ways to communicate, but some modes of communication have the particularity of setting in motion a whole series of events which make us receivers/ expenders of energy which we need to evolve. Music is one of these modes of communication, and when the chemistry is right between musicians, it is they and everyone who listens to them who vibrates in phase, in a state of giving and receiving. Such moments of perfect harmony exist, and are moments of intense cohesion, wherever they take place and whatever their form of expression, and they make our collective consciousness possess and generate enough positive resources for our world to remain whole. Aka Moon is a natural repository of this state of being, and took up this invisble thread during a journey to the Aka Pygmies in the Central African Republic. Since then, their work has developed into a network of continuous exchange not only between musicians from the four corners of the globe, but also between all these musicians and all the people who share their musical adventure as music-lovers and people of the world. Aka Moon juggles with polyrhythms and polyphonies ­ like mad DJs, they slide from one phrase into another, opening up new harmonic and rhythmic paths, just like those whose soul they met in the African forests, in the infinite beauty of Indian music, or in the drums of west Africa, and bring us back in subtle ways to our own culture. Their music is diversity itself ­ and there is something for everybody ­ contemporary, jazz, rock, or even for those who are looking to trance in techno or jungle. With Aka Moon, you just have to open up your soul and your body, and let the music do the rest. (These notes are taken from www.akamoon.com)

I ask them if they accept to share all records I made for Aka Moon, and they agreed with pleasure.

There's no titles, sorry, but they played parts of a lot of titles, so impossible to name them !

So, don't make money with this, don't make mp3 or other compressed files... And hope you'll appreciate this !!! Talk about them to you're friends if you like this music, and talk to your ennemies about this music if you don't like ;)

Note: I wouldn't record from the soundboard to preserve the moment like it was.

Lineage: Sony mic (?) > Minidisc (?) > Pioneer MJ-D707 > SPDIF Optical > Sony DAT PCM-R300 > SPDIF Coaxial > Gina Echo > Sequoia 7.22 > Flac Frontend

Sound: 16 Bits 44100Hz stéréo.
No compression, no eq, but original rec level was too high; so less dynamic and peaks.

Fabrizio CASSOL: alto sax
Michel HATZIGEORGIOU: Fender Jazz Bass
Stéphane GALLAND: Gretsch drums
Special guest: David GILMORE: guitar

Titles in flac files.
01 Introduction
02 Ursula and The Wind Dance
03 The Last Call From Jaco
04 Amazir
05 From Influence To Innocence
06 A La Luce Di Paco Act 3
07 Men's Dance
08 Sara
09 Jimi's Three Words
10 Cuban Study n°1 (provisory title, the new album could have another name for it)
11 Scofield (cut)



more informations about this band:
http://www.akamoon.com (with next dates all other the world)