Tarek Abdallah; Adel Shams el-Din - Isole Che Parlano Festival (2015)
Artist Tarek Abdallah; Adel Shams el-Din
Venue Chiesa campestre di San Giorgio
City, State/Country Palau, Sardinia
Recording Date 9/13/2015
Length 59:31
Genre World
Format Files
Packaging FLAC
Purchased ROIO
ROIO Source FM
Oud Tarek Abdallah
Percussion Adel Shams el-Din
Track List
01 intro 00:48
02 Ni Sama'l Ni Qadim 04:12
03 Wasla 04:35
04 Prelude Shams 02:06
05 Taqasim Bayyati 02:03
06 Istihilal Bayyati 09:03
07 Walli Gai 08:17
08 Marsetaim 04:09
09 Sama'l Rast 05:42
10 Khush Rank 03:51
11 04:23
12 Waslitna 06:50
13 03:05
14 radioutro 00:27
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Tarek Abdallah & Adel Shams el-Din

recorded at Isole Che Parlano festival, Palau (Sardinia - ITALY), 13 september 2015
NOTE: Tarek and Adel played two sets at the festival, the first was a "matinée" with lecture at Chiesa campestre di San Giorgio on saturday 12 September, and the second proper set at Fortezza di Monte Altura on sunday 13 September at 18:30 - this recording is supposedly from SUNDAY 13. To add more confusion, I also read somewhere that they played a late night set at "Palau Vecchio" beach on the night between sunday 13 and monday 14...

Tarek Abdallah : oud, vocals
Adel Shams el-Din : riqq, daff, darbuka, percussion

here appearing at an international festival cured by Paolo Angeli, this is some egyptian music mostly composed by this Tarek in the style of traditional arabian tunes, and it is also avaliable on cd "wasla" (you can read about that somewhere below)
another shorter extract of a differente solo performance at the same festival was already shared at http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-details.php?id=577288

tracklist > 59'31"
01- intro
02- Ni Sama'l Ni Qadim
03- Wasla
04- Prélude Shams
05- Taqasim Bayyati
06- Istihilal Bayyati
07- Walli Gai
08- Marsetaim
09- Sama'l Rast
10- Khush Rank
11- xxx
12- Waslitna
13- xxx
14- radio outro

NOTE: according to radio announcements track13 should be "Taqasim Rast", but it doesn't sound like that. Instead, track 11 seems "Longa Rast" that was not unnounced as being part of this set
FM radio broadcast by "Battiti dal Vivo", Radio3 RAI [third channell of Italian national radio], on sunday 13 November 2016, 24:00 hours [CET].

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the program " Wasla-s " is a personal approach of the Egyptian traditional musical suite, as well from the point of view of the interpretation as of the composition and of the improvisation. The program consists of three wasla-s, within which fit five compositions of Tarek Abdallah. The first wasla in mode Räst is a tribute returned to Mohamed al-Qasabgi (1892-1966), most Grand Master of the art of Egyptian ’ üd in the XXth century, by the interpretation of its masterpiece entitled Sama’ ï Räst. The second completely composed by the artist in mode Bayyätï, varying the use of the complex rhythmic cycles rarely used as in Wasla or Istihlal Bayyätï with cycles simple as Walli Gai. Finally, the third, is shared between an instrumental work of Abdou Dagher (composer and Egyptian violinist) and a vocal work of the artist consisted from a text of the Big Egyptian Poet Fouad Hadad.
Composer and Alexandrine interpreter born in 1975, Tarek Abdallah draws his inspiration from the "Nahda" era, the golden age of the art of Egyptian oud solo (1910-1930), which is in the center of his musicological researches at the University Lumière Lyon 2. Awarded a diploma by the House of the Arabic Lute of Cairo in 2005, he now lives in France and he is at present a PhD student in Musicology at the University Lyon 2 and multiplies the experiences connected to the transmission, to the broadcasting and to the popularization of the knowledge bound connected to the Arabic Lute courses, masterclass and workshops in all the mediterranean. He also collaborates with artists stemming from the jazz, from the baroque music, from the contemporary dance, from the theater and from the World Music.

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01- intro.flac:90349531875f1b8900565e37447f6ee0
02- Ni Sama'l Ni Qadim.flac:6338bb63818bb4fabf8aac9466496181
03- Wasla.flac:19cdcd393d352ebf76f5991ba8089ce9
04- Prelude Shams.flac:54032382954dd3e861e9360b86e1f6bd
05- Taqasim Bayyati.flac:7ad7d7c60f86c1364dcb5ab2414dfcf8
06- Istihilal Bayyati.flac:34ea002a01ab7842aae045fae09616d5
07- Walli Gai.flac:863244c4d9b516b152c7ca2427526f55
08- Marsetaim.flac:dd94824719320fe5ef37f1f232b768a3
09- Sama'l Rast.flac:f3c4c2d4de99618fa00c9e39706044ab
10- Khush Rank.flac:288b87443f7870e756f35161bb1a5ac6
11- xxx.flac:50be3cbc00a10ac1f6cbe773f49cc557
12- Waslitna.flac:94010c8b244976a236d1a6452c85559a
13- xxx.flac:400602abbd70bbba86221e2dd2b4a167
14- radioutro.flac:17d955b90b76ecdd1c4a567cf5cc8b82