The Summit - Houston, TX

Recording Date   6/24/1977

Files, 17   Tracks, 81:39  Length
01 Back in the Saddle 03:52
02 Mama Kin 03:38
03 S.O.S. (Too Bad) 02:48
04 Big Ten Inch 03:24
05 Lord of the Thighs 08:07
06 Dream On 04:32
07 Lick and a Promise 03:29
08 Adam's Apple 04:52
09 Sweet Emotion 05:48
10 Sick As a Dog 05:32
11 Draw the Line 04:40
12 Walk This Way 04:23
13 Rattlesnake Shake 08:01
14 Same Old Song and Dance 05:38
15 Toys in the Attic 05:30
16 Train Kept A Rollin' 03:43
17 Medley (Helter Skelter-Batman-Peter Gunn) 03:42
Music Details
Product Details
Venue The Summit
City, State/Country Houston, TX
Live Yes
Sound Stereo
Musicians  &  Credits
Vocals Steven Tyler
Guitar Joe Perry
Bass Tom Hamilton
Drums Joey Kramer
Guitar Brad Whitford
Musician Aerosmith
Personal Details
Index # 3157
Owner Dave
User Defined
Purchased ROIO
ROIO Source Soundboard
The Summit, Houston, TX

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Sorta makes me smile to think of Aerosmith at Houston's Summit, which is now "Lakewood Church" and
home to Paster Joel Osteen, a snake charmer of a different sort from Steven Tyler.

EQ, levels, edits of tiny gaps and cuts, and general audio improvement by TheTooleMan, 2005 & 2009.

Designed for playing extraordinarily loud.

Disc 1:
Back In The Saddle
Mama Kin
Sos (Too Bad)
Big Ten Inch
Lord Of The Thighs
Dream On
Lick And A Promise
Adams Apple
Sweet Emotion

Disc 2
Sick As A Dog
Draw The Line
Walk This Way
Rattlesnake Shake
Same Old Song And Dance
Toys in the Attic
Train Kept A Rollin
Melody (Helter Skelter,Batman Peter Gunn)

Steven Tyler - Vocals
Joe Perry - Guitar
Tom Hamilton - Bass
Joey Kramer - Drums
Brad Whitford - Guitar

da31e22c0170444171e8988e6374fc29 *101 Back in the Saddle.flac
204c47c0b25ba24de12e8d8e4db8d5c7 *102 Mama Kin.flac
421a1c49ea1ab9d43ed52c8e8fbf44d6 *103 SOS (Too Bad).flac
063bb35498e2f36652369b909e7647a3 *104 Big Ten Inch.flac
b871efdf67b6422ff347cb2f11480aa0 *105 Lord of the Thighs.flac
bdffcf415bcbb4a95b4c3dd10ef53ee1 *106 Dream On.flac
d34298b05a8c97d40d5322b2f33b6a2c *107 Lick and a Promise.flac
c02617d8a7976b69c2568b67364a58ae *108 Adam's Apple.flac
dc640baa3d9bbb966d942ce99778045c *109 Sweet Emotion.flac
d55b23de1ed474c4c36a7d0236889018 *201 Sick As a Dog.flac
e6afadc811415dee65fb74045d322b4e *202 Draw the Line.flac
2d90281d79fc4ef5f431ed522cba6e1f *203 Walk This Way.flac
c0d0496cbb6638af7fc1668e7349f88f *204 Rattlesnake Shake.flac
8990f7fe3405942b3607a2c95699bdd2 *205 Same Old Song and Dance.flac
ff6dd1f5047026c8d73e1feb25445b50 *206 Toys in the Attic.flac
ce4cb5ab4720351410353201928ec5d1 *207 Train Kept A Rollin'.flac
81fe64404ab37257813ff6d6d87fa9e2 *208 Medley (Helter Skelter-Batman-Peter Gunn).flac

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101 Back in the Saddle.flac:fa53f39cd48ae99787c3b4ea2f549c60
102 Mama Kin.flac:857ebfff3abfe15da6371f45d496eac4
103 SOS (Too Bad).flac:8dcdce7b5950e86b3daa0aaf5f8c51a5
104 Big Ten Inch.flac:b0e646ed0127e5effdd50b187116997f
105 Lord of the Thighs.flac:8cbe3d5ea104a166cd37003d57d76594
106 Dream On.flac:27c30edddaeab46bf60faef35ae77963
107 Lick and a Promise.flac:8284e5c5f77fc49fbfdc19543b642219
108 Adam's Apple.flac:ecb7e6543cc336ae0a6ad40bd36cf1f6
109 Sweet Emotion.flac:fb6d4b01e29c5eb2e32df0847dade2d1
201 Sick As a Dog.flac:79fb2b0556a1d7fcb3c0023094cc4dd3
202 Draw the Line.flac:2abd5095ae04fd7b6c464ce1ab89d5d3
203 Walk This Way.flac:8702caa34b24ddf9946e4dab8d5a628c
204 Rattlesnake Shake.flac:815b301ea1bf7150fac2860d6e9f90d3
205 Same Old Song and Dance.flac:5d0dbbda12ae3a9442550ca285d3bdd8
206 Toys in the Attic.flac:54397df2c30fd3e77c2fb7be5e497c0d
207 Train Kept A Rollin'.flac:945edc9f3047edd0360b4d2e11660458
208 Medley (Helter Skelter-Batman-Peter Gunn).flac:acabdb31c30673f71ba26d33dc165f7f

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