Dave's Book Collection
Title Author Genre Publication Year Format  
The Cruel Sport Daley, Robert Non-Fiction 1963 Hardcover Details
No More Than Five in a Bed Dallas, Sandra Non-Fiction 1967 Hardcover Details
An Unfinished Life Dallek, Robert Biography; Non-Fiction 2003 Hardcover Details
Day of the Panzer Danby, Jeff Non-Fiction 2008 Hardcover Details
Chronicle of the 20th Century Daniel, Clifton; Kirshon, John Non-Fiction 1988 Hardcover Details
Half Past When Davis, Hassoldt Non-Fiction 1944 Hardcover Details
Yucatan Before and After the Conquest De Landa, Diego Non-Fiction 1978 Paperback Details
Broken Government Dean, John W. Non-Fiction 2007 Hardcover Details
Fighter: The True Story of the Battle of Britain Deighton, Len Non-Fiction 1978 Hardcover Details
Game, Set & Match (Berlin Game, Mexico Set, London Match) Deighton, Len Fiction 1989 Hardcover Details
Fatal Decision D'Este, Carlo Non-Fiction 1991 Hardcover Details
Guns, Germs, and Steel Diamond, Jared Non-Fiction 2005 Hardcover Details
The Valis Trilogy Dick, Philip K. Fiction 1990 Hardcover Details
Selected Stories of Philip K. Dick Dick, Philip K. Fiction 2002 Hardcover Details
The Unfair Advantage Donohue, Mark; Van Valkenburgh, Paul Non-Fiction 1975 Hardcover Details
I Could Never Be So Lucky Again Doolittle, James; Glines, Carroll V. Biography; Non-Fiction 1991 Hardcover Details
Go East Young Man - The Early Years Douglas, William O. Biography; Non-Fiction 1974 Hardcover Details
The Court Years, 1939 To 1975 Douglas, William O. Biography; Non-Fiction 1980 Hardcover Details
The Moscow Option Downing, David Fiction 2001 Hardcover Details
Year's Best Science Fiction: Twentieth Annual Collection Dozois, Gardner Anthology; Fiction 2003 Hardcover Details
Plants for Dry Climates Duffield, Mary Rose; Jones, Warren D. Non-Fiction 1992 Softcover Details

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