Dave's Book Collection
Title Author Genre Publication Year Format  
Fighting Divisions Kahn, E.J. Non-Fiction 1945 Hardcover Details
Vietnam: A History Karnow, Stanley Non-Fiction 1983 Hardcover Details
The Rand Mcnally Encyclopedia of World War II Keegan, John Non-Fiction 1977 Hardcover Details
The Second World War Keegan, John Non-Fiction 1990 Hardcover Details
Times Atlas of the Second World War Keegan, John Non-Fiction 1995 Hardcover Details
Battlefire! Kelly, Arthur L. Non-Fiction 1997 Hardcover Details
Moon Lander Kelly, Thomas J. Non-Fiction 2001 Hardcover Details
Russia Leaves the War Kennan, George F. Non-Fiction 1956 Hardcover Details
The Decision to Intervene Kennan, George F. Non-Fiction 1958 Hardcover Details
Russia and the West under Lenin and Stalin Kennan, George F. Non-Fiction 1961 Hardcover Details
Memoirs 1925-1950 Kennan, George F. Biography; Non-Fiction 1967 Hardcover Details
Memoirs 1950-1963 Kennan, George F. Biography; Non-Fiction 1972 Hardcover Details
Freedom from Fear Kennedy, David M. Non-Fiction 1999 Hardcover Details
Hitler's Peace Kerr, Philip Fiction 2005 Hardcover Details
Escape From The Deep Kershaw, Alex Non-Fiction 2008 Hardcover Details
Blood and Honor Kerstan, Reinhold Non-Fiction 1980 Softcover Details
James Madison Ketcham, Ralph Biography; Non-Fiction 2003 Hardcover Details
An Incomplete History of World War II Kiester, Edwin Non-Fiction 2007 Hardcover Details
Harbors and High Seas King, Dean; Hattendorf, John B. Reference 2000 Softcover Details
A Sea of Words King, Dean; Hattendorf, John B.; Worth Estes, J. Reference 1995 Softcover Details
Night Shift King, Stephen Fiction 1978 Hardcover Details
The Good Old Days Klee, Ernst; Dressen, Willi; Reiss, Volker Non-Fiction 1996 Hardcover Details
The Secret World of American Communism Klehr, Harvey; Haynes, John Earl; Firsov, Fridrikh Igorevich Non-Fiction 1995 Hardcover Details
President James Buchanan Klein, Philip Shriver Biography; Non-Fiction 1962 Hardcover Details
Soldat: Reflections Of A German Soldier, 1936-49 Knappe, Siegfried; Brusaw, Ted Non-Fiction 1992 Hardcover Details
Trespass Knebel, Fletcher Fiction 1969 Hardcover Details
Nazi Prisoners of War in America Krammer, Arnold Non-Fiction 1979 Hardcover Details
American Medical Association Family Medical Guide Kunz, Jeffrey R. M. Reference 1987 Hardcover Details
Babi Yar Kuznetsov, Anatoly Fiction 1967 Hardcover Details

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