Dave's Book Collection
Title Author Genre Publication Year Format  
Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency Adams, Douglas Fiction 1987 Hardcover Details
The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul Adams, Douglas Fiction 1988 Hardcover Details
The Dilbert Principle Adams, Scott Non-Fiction 1996 Hardcover Details
The Dilbert Future Adams, Scott Non-Fiction 1997 Hardcover Details
Rome Fell Today Adleman, Robert H.; Walton, George H. Non-Fiction 1969 Hardcover Details
Six Great Ideas Adler, Mortimer J. Non-Fiction 1984 Softcover Details
The Memoirs Of Field Marshal Earl Alexander Of Tunis Alexander, Earl Biography; Non-Fiction 1962 Hardcover Details
Berlin Dance of Death Altner, Helmut Non-Fiction 2002 Hardcover Details
Hitler's Beneficiaries Aly, Götz Non-Fiction 2007 Hardcover Details
Eisenhower Ambrose, Stephen E. Biography; Non-Fiction 1983 Hardcover Details
Eisenhower The President Ambrose, Stephen E. Biography; Non-Fiction 1984 Hardcover Details
Band of Brothers Ambrose, Stephen E. Non-Fiction 1993 Softcover Details
D Day: June 6, 1944: The Climactic Battle of World War II Ambrose, Stephen E. Non-Fiction 1995 Softcover Details
Undaunted Courage Ambrose, Stephen E. Non-Fiction 1996 Hardcover Details
Citizen Soldiers Ambrose, Stephen E. Non-Fiction 1997 Hardcover Details
The Victors Ambrose, Stephen E. Non-Fiction 1998 Hardcover Details
Nothing Like It In The World Ambrose, Stephen E. Non-Fiction 2000 Hardcover Details
The Wild Blue Ambrose, Stephen E. Non-Fiction 2001 Hardcover Details
World War II Ambrose, Stephen E.; Sulzberger, C. L. Non-Fiction 2009 Hardcover Details
Time's Arrow Amis, Martin Fiction 1991 Hardcover Details
Heavy Water and Other Stories Amis, Martin Fiction 1999 Hardcover Details
Koba the Dread Amis, Martin Non-Fiction 2002 Hardcover Details
The Second Plane: September 11 Amis, Martin Non-Fiction 2008 Hardcover Details
Murasaki Anderson, Poul; Bear, Greg; Brin, David; Silverberg, Robert; Kress, Nancy; Benford, Gregory Fiction 1992 Hardcover Details
Five Fates Anderson, Poul; Dickson, Gordon; Ellison, Harlan; Herbert, Frank; Laumer, Keith Fiction 1970 Hardcover Details
The Terror Andress, David Non-Fiction 2006 Hardcover Details
Dogfaces Who Smiled Through Tears Ankrum, Homer R. Non-Fiction 1987 Hardcover Details
Textbook of Anatomy and Physiology Anthony, Catherine Parker; Kolthoff, Norma Jane Reference; Textbook 1975 Hardcover Details
My Combat Diary With Eighth Air Force B-17s 390th Bomb Group Anzanos, Andy Non-Fiction 2006 Paperback Details
Isaac Asimov Presents the Golden Years of Science Fiction Asimov, Isaac; Greenberg, Martin H. Anthology; Fiction 1983 Hardcover Details
Microcosmic Tales: 100 Wondrous Science Fiction Short-Short Stories Asimov, Isaac; Greenberg, Martin H.; Olander, Joseph D. Anthology; Fiction 1980 Hardcover Details
An Army at Dawn Atkinson, Rick Non-Fiction 2002 Hardcover Details
The Day of Battle Atkinson, Rick Non-Fiction 2007 Hardcover Details
The Guns At Last Light Atkinson, Rick Non-Fiction 2013 Hardcover Details

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