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The Builders: Marvels of Engineering (1992)
Front Cover Book Details
Genre Non-Fiction
Subject Engineering
Publication Date 1992
Format Hardcover (11.4 mm)
Publisher National Geographic Society
Language English
Extras Dust Jacket; Dust Jacket Cover

* Winner of the International Architecture Book Award
* More than 400 photographs, detailed diagrams, and period engravings
* Handy reference format

This fascinating book chronicles some of the world's greatest engineering wonders from ancient times to the present -- the longest bridges, the highest dams, the tallest buildings, the grandest cathedrals. Learn how ancient Romans built a highway network that rivals the U.S. interstate system. Explore the world's most ambitious man-made landmarks from the Great Pyramids and St. Peter's Basilica to the Golden Gate Bridge and the English "Chunnel." Six chapters describe engineering feats, highlight the technological break-throughs, and introduce the builders who made them possible. The Builders celebrates how humankind harnessed nature's power, overcame its challenges, and constructed monuments to our society.

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LoC Classification TA15.B85 1992
Dewey 620
ISBN 0870448366
Cover Price $40.00
No. of Pages 288
First Edition No
Rare No
Includes index.