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Wall Street Journal Almanac 1998 (1997)
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Genre Reference
Publication Date 11/11/1997
Format Softcover
Publisher Ballantine Books
You already depend on The Wall Street Journal for eye-opening analysis and incisive interpretation of the events, trends, and issues that shape our times. Now Wall Street Journal writers and editors from around the world have drawn on their own extensive knowledge and access to the most authoritative sources of information to produce this reference to use every day, all year long.

1997 in Review: The headlines... global hot spots... major market-moving business stories... top newsmakers

Politics & Policy: The outlook for Clinton's remaining years in office... profiles of Washington's movers and shakers... the major actions of the President, Congress, and the Supreme Court in 1997

Business & the Economy: The state of the economy and the outlook for the future... the year's biggest business deals... hottest products and brands... the new work force in America

Money & Investing: The financial markets... mutual funds... personal finance... taxes... real estate

Technology & Science: Navigating the Internet... the fast-moving computer and telecommunications industries

The World: Major currents in world politics and economics... fastest growing regions... emerging consumer markets... nation-by-nation surveys

Living in America: The demographic portrait... state and city statistics... the new world of medicine... crime rates... education... energy and the environment

Travel & Transportation: Financial trends in the travel industry... top-selling car models... airline safety data... Dow Jones Travel Cost Index

Media & Entertainment: Box office and home video hits... the television picture... bestselling books... the music business... prize winners--Nobels, Pulitzers, Oscars, and Grammys

Sports: The top sports news... player salaries... fitness trends... Olympics, pro football, basketball, and baseball statistics
With essays and analysis of the most important issues and trends of the year by leading journalists from The Wall Street Journal.
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ISBN 0345405218
Cover Price $10.95
No. of Pages 1137
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