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Black Star Rising (1985)
Front Cover Book Details
Genre Fiction
Subject <No subjects avaliable (LOC)>
Publication Date 1985
Format Hardcover (8.7 mm)
Publisher Del Rey
Language English
Extras Dust Jacket; Dust Jacket Cover
It's the late twenty-first century. The USA and the USSR have destroyed each other in a catastrophic nuclear exchange, and China now rules the Americas. Then a mysterious alien spacecraft approaches Earth and demands to speak to the President of the USA. There's been no such person for decades; but the aliens won't take no for an answer, and vaporize a Pacific island to prove it. A puppet President must be found to go into space and placate the aliens. Pettyman Castor, a humble rice-cultivator from the Heavenly Grain Collective in Mississippi, is chosen to play the part, and the peasant turned President is soon on his way to an alien galaxy - and the bizarre revelation that awaits him there will turn his world inside-out...
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Rating 0
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Product Details
LoC Classification PS3566.O36B6 1985
Dewey 813/.54
ISBN 0345319028
No. of Pages 282
First Edition No
Rare No
"A Del Rey book."