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The Proudest Day - India's Long Road to Independence (1998)
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Genre Non-Fiction
Subject India - History - British occupation, 1765-1947
Publication Date 4/1/1998
Format Hardcover (9.8 x 6.5 mm)
Publisher W W Norton & Co Inc
Language English
On the fiftieth anniversary of the independence of India and Pakistan comes this riveting account of the end of the Raj, the most romantic of all the great empires.In 1835, Lord Macaulay, in his Minute on Indian Education, had prophesied that the eventual self-rule of India would be "the proudest day in British history". Yet when independence came on the stroke of midnight of August 14, 1947, events unfolded with a violence that shocked the world: entire trainloads of Muslim and Hindu refugees were slaughtered on their flight to safety -- not by the British, but by each other. Macaulay's dream had become a flawed and bloody reality.On paper, it could be remembered as an orderly retreat, a model of organization and civilized behavior; Lord Mountbatten, the last viceroy, described his breathtaking gallop to divide and quit as a personal triumph. But how justified are those extravagant claims?
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LoC Classification DS479 .R38 1998
Dewey 954.03
ISBN 9780393045949
Edition 1st American ed.
Cover Price $35.00
No. of Pages 565
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