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The Far Side of the World (1984)
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Genre Fiction
Subject Aubrey, Jack (Fictitious character); Maturin, Stephen (Fictitious character); Napoleonic Wars
Publication Date 11/1/1994
Format Hardcover
Publisher W. W. Norton & Company
Extras Dust Jacket
Jack Aubrey, a brilliant and fearless captain in Nelson's navy, accepts a mission that will test his abilities to the limit: he is to set sail immediately for Cape Horn, to intercept a powerful frigate intent on wreaking havoc among British whalers. Aubrey's beloved ship, HMS Surprise, is up to the task, but many of her sailors are untried. Aubrey's confidant, ship's surgeon Stephen Maturin, has orders of his own in the world of secret intelligence. As the Surprise and her crew draw closer to the enemy, their journey grows ever more dangerous: murder, shipwreck, and a desperate rescue attempt await them in the far reaches of the Pacific.
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ISBN 039303710X
Edition Norton uniform ed.
Series Aubrey & Maturin Novels
Cover Price $24.00
No. of Pages 366
First Edition No
Rare No
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Original Publication Year 1984