RMNP Lakes

A few years ago I decided to "collect" RMNP lakes. This is a project I will likely never complete. There are something like 150 named lakes in the park. This table contains all the lakes I've visited with links to blog posts and photo albums. I include a lake in the list if it is located within park boundaries or if the trail to the lake starts inside the park.

Last updated March 21, 2018
LakeBlog postGallery
Amore Lake2013-09-08Album
Andrew’s TarnAlbum
Arrowhead Lake2013-09-08Album
Bear LakeAlbum
Bench Lake2011-09-24Album
Bierstadt Lake
Black LakeAlbum
Blue Lake2016-06-18Album
Bluebird Lake2012-06-23
Box Lake2014-08-16Album
Castle Lake2011-10-16Album
Chasm Lake2015-07-11Album
Chickaree Lake2012-10-10Album
Chipmunk Lake
Chiquita Lake2011-10-01Album
Cony Lake2016-08-14Album
Crystal LakeAlbum
Cub Lake
Dream Lake2014-03-28Album
Eagle Lake2014-08-16Album
Embryo Lake2012-09-29Photo
Emerald Lake2013-05-25Album
Falcon LakeAlbum
Fay Lakes2015-09-05Lower
Fern LakeAlbum
Finch Lake
Fourth LakeAlbum
Frozen Lake2012-07-14Album
Gem LakeAlbum
Glass LakeAlbum
Gorge Lakes2013-09-08Album
Green LakeAlbum
Haiyaha, Lake2015-03-07
Haynach Lake2013-08-10Album
Helene, Lake2015-06-21Album
Lake Husted2016-09-10Album
Hutcheson Lakes2014-06-19Album
Iceberg Lake2015-09-26Album
Italy LakeAlbum
Jewell Lake
Junco Lake2017-09-03
Keplinger Lake2013-07-07Album
Lark Pond2013-08-04Album
Lawn Lake2014-10-11Album
Lion Lake #1Album
Lion Lake #2Album
Little Crystal LakeAlbum
Loch, The2013-03-30
Lone Pine LakeAlbum
Loomis LakeAlbum
Lost Lake2016-09-10Album
Lake Louise2016-09-10Album
Love Lake2013-09-08Album
Many Winds, Lake ofAlbum
Michigan Lake (Lower)2017-07-15Album
Michigan Lake (Middle)2017-07-15Album
Mills Lake2013-05-07
Mirror Lake2012-08-12Album
Nymph Lake
Odessa LakeAlbum
Ouzel LakeAlbum
Parika Lake2012-08-26Album
Pear Lake2013-06-30Album
Pipit Lake2013-08-04Album
Ptarmigan Lake2012-09-03Album
Sandbeach Lake2014-10-26
Shelf Lake2012-09-03Album
Sky Pond2012-09-29Album
Snow Lake2017-07-15Album
Snowbank LakeAlbum
Solitude Lake2012-09-03Album
Spirit LakeAlbum
Spruce LakeAlbum
Thunder LakeAlbum
Timber Lake2012-09-03
Tourmaline Lake2013-06-16Album
Twin Lakes2014-10-26Album
Two Rivers Lake2017-03-19Album
Verna, LakeAlbum
Ypsilon Lake2012-06-01Album
Unnamed Lake: “Lake Marv”
Unnamed Lake: “Zone Lake”
Unnamed Lake: “Joyce’s Pond”
Unnamed Lake: 11,200' on Hunters CreekAlbum