The Allman Brothers Band
Win, Lose Or Draw

Files, 7   Tracks, 38:38  Length
01 Can't Lose What You Never Had 05:50
02 Just Another Love Song 02:45
03 Nevertheless 03:32
04 Win, Lose Or Draw 04:45
05 Louisiana Lou And Three Card Monty John 03:45
06 High Falls 14:28
07 Sweet Mama 03:33
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Sound Stereo
Musicians  &  Credits
Organ Gregg Allman
Guitar Dickey Betts
Percussion Jai Johanny "Jaimoe" Johanson
Keyboards Chuck Leavell
Drums Butch Trucks
Bass Lamar Williams
Musician The Allman Brothers Band
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Index # 3184
Owner Dave
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