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The Little Baby Snoogle-Fleejer (1995)
Front Cover Book Details
Genre Children
Publication Date 11/21/1995
Format Hardcover
Publisher Crown
Extras Author autograph; Dust Jacket; Illustrator autograph
Fresh from the success of his highly praised volume of poetry, Always a Reckoning, former president Jimmy Carter now pens his first children's book, illustrated by his daughter Amy. Young Jeremy, who cannot walk, is abandoned at the seashore one day when the others flee at the sight of a terrifying sea monster. With no choice but to face this horror, Jeremy is surprised to discover a kindred spirit in the little baby Snoogle-Fleejer. (All Ages)
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Product Details
ISBN 0812927311
Cover Price $17.00
No. of Pages 24
First Edition Yes
Rare No
Illustrator Amy Carter