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Stalin's Ghost (2007)
Front Cover Book Details
Genre Fiction
Subject Moscow (Russia) - Fiction; Police - Russia (Federation) - Moscow - Fiction; Renko, Arkady (Fictitious character)
Publication Date 6/12/2007
Format Hardcover (9.9 x 6.8 mm)
Publisher Simon & Schuster
Language English
Extras Dust Jacket; Dust Jacket Cover
Investigator Arkady Renko, the pariah of the Moscow prosecutor's office, has been assigned the thankless job of investigating a new phenomenon: late-night subway riders report seeing the ghost of Joseph Stalin on the platform of the Chistye Prudy Metro station. The illusion seems part political hocus-pocus and also part wishful thinking, for among many Russians Stalin is again popular; the bloody dictator can boast a two-to-one approval rating. Decidedly better than that of Renko, whose lover, Eva, has left him for Detective Nikolai Isakov, a charismatic veteran of the civil war in Chechnya, a hero of the far right and, Renko suspects, a killer for hire. The cases entwine, and Renko's quests become a personal inquiry fueled by jealousy.

The investigation leads to the fields of Tver outside of Moscow, where once a million soldiers fought. There, amidst the detritus, Renko must confront the ghost of his own father, a favorite general of Stalin's. In these barren fields, patriots and shady entrepreneurs -- the Red Diggers and Black Diggers -- collect the bones, weapons and personal effects of slain World War II soldiers, and find that even among the dead there are surprises.

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Purchase Price $16.17
Acquire Date 7/9/2007
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LoC Classification PS3569.M5377S73 2007
Dewey 813/.54
ISBN 0743276728
Cover Price $26.95
No. of Pages 352
First Edition No
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