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Hide and Seek (2005)
Front Cover Book Details
Genre Fiction
Publication Date 6/10/2005
Format Hardcover (8.7 mm)
Publisher Canongate Books
Language English
Extras Dust Jacket
For anyone who has ever loved and lost.

"The grown-ups held an inquiry into how a child came to disappear, but they didn?t name names like they do when children let grown-ups down. They talked about a catalogue of errors as if mistakes were something that turned up in the mail and got paid for later. I had my own ideas?"

Meet Harry Pickles, aged nine and a bit. Harry is the fastest boy runner in the world (according to Harry), first-born son of Mo and Pa, the best-looking parents in their Notting Hill Elementary School parking lot. He?s leader of the gang, the gang being Harry and his pals, Peter and Piggy. He?s a popular guy. Harry?s life is good. At least that?s the way it was before the school outing. . .

Hide & Seek is a wonderful debut novel, emotionally taut, suspenseful and compassionate story telling that will make you laugh and then stop you in your tracks. Already being compared to The Deep End of the Ocean and The Lovely Bones, Hide & Seek tells the fresh and gripping story of a family whose world is rocked by loss.

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LoC Classification *Canongate,
ISBN 1841956538
Edition 1st American ed.
Cover Price $21.00
No. of Pages 288
First Edition No
Rare No