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The General in His Labyrinth (2004)
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Genre Fiction
Publication Date 10/26/2004
Format Hardcover
Publisher Knopf
Extras Dust Jacket; Dust Jacket Cover
General Simon Bolivar, “the Liberator” of five South American countries, takes a last melancholy journey down the Magdalena River, revisiting cities along its shores, and reliving the triumphs, passions, and betrayals of his life. Infinitely charming, prodigiously successful in love, war and politics, he still dances with such enthusiasm and skill that his witnesses cannot believe he is ill. Aflame with memories of the power that he commanded and the dream of continental unity that eluded him, he is a moving exemplar of how much can be won—and lost—in a life.

From the Trade Paperback edition.
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ISBN 1400043336
Cover Price $18.00
No. of Pages 285
First Edition No
Rare No